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PHLUXi stands on enormous experience of THz-wave generation and its application through the long-term studies of the Teraphotonics Research Team of RIKEN (the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research). PHLUXi also hold the state-of-the-art technologyfor laser and fundamental knowledge to construct THz instruments. These technologies form backbone to provide highly reliable products in wide range of light, THz to UV.

1. Well-organized THz-wave technology

Monochromatic THz-wave generation (TPG, TPO, DFM)
Spectroscopy / Imaging
THz-specified material (Passive, nonlinear crystal)

2. Cutting-edge technologyof solid-state / fiber / hybrid lasers

Design of laser cavity
Nonlinear wave conversion
Material / Components

3. Fundamental elements for engineering

Electronics, control
Light-oriented mechanics
Passive stability and durability
Environment-considered engineering

Products and services

> Injection-seeded THz-wave parametric generator (is-TPG)


Parametric generator extracts electromagnetic waves with a pair of arbitral frequency using a nonlinear optical crystal pumped by a laser.

THz wave with high spectral brightness is obtained by this is-TPG because of using single-frequency light sources both for the pump and injection seeder at the idler wavelength.


Tuning method: Seeding source tuning
Tuning range: 0.4 - 3.0 THz
(At a pump energy 25mJ)
Head dimensions1400 x 600 x 300 mm3, 100 kg
(Including pump laser)

Sorry NO FIGURE avilable now

> THz-wave parametric oscillator (TPO)


Parametric oscillator is an efficient source of narrow linewidth light without injection seeding. "Goemon-R" TPO holds ring-type cavity with a scanning mirror on a proper pivot. This setup enables "Goemon-R" to fast frequency tuning of monochromatic THz-wave by external control.

"Goemon-R" can easily be used as a general purpose tunable source by a built-in all solid-state pump source because of the high stability and low operation cost.

Brochure here


Tuning method: Angle tune
Frequency range:1.0 - 2.8 THz
(At a pump energy 20mJ)
Head dimensions:
230 x 230 x 130 mm3, 15 kg (TPO only)
400 x 500 x 200 mm3, 25 kg (YAG include)

THz parametric oscillator

> High-energy, high rep rate LD pump YAG laser


Pump laser for TPO have many attractive features itself. Although it is pumped by LD, high energy pulses are extractable from the tiny body with moderate repetition rate. No more lamp-pump. This laser provides an answer for a new age customer in a competitive price.

(under development as an individual product)


QCW-LD pump pulsed Nd:YAG laser
Wavelength:1064 nm
Rep. rate: single shot~100 Hz
Pulse energy: ~20 mJ
Pulse width: 25 ns (typ.)
Head dimensions:
350 x 180 x 160 mm3, 8 kg

LD-pump YAG

> Fast-response, High-sensitivity Pyro detector

Our new detector wipes the expensive COO, large size, heavy weight, and poor handling of bolometer off!
Principal specification has been confirmed. Development of packaging is going on.


- Room temperature operation
- High-speed comparable to bolometer
- High-sensitivity comparable to bolometer (Reproducibility confirming)
- Small size (80 x 80 x 35 mm3 anticipated)
- All-in-one. Easy measurement can be done, just connect using BNC.

> Download preliminary flyer


*** New type suitable for LOWER FREQUENCY is under development.***
Details will appear soon here!

> THz Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer

Scanning FPI employing high finesse reflector for THz.

We ship the instrument with customers suitable reflector pair. A software for easy measurement is attached.


Finesse between 35 and 100 at customers(customize available)

Scanning speed
Depends on data acquisition rate.

System requirement
PC running with Windows 7 OS, RAM >1GB, Disk space >50 GB
National Instruments DAQ module.

> High-resistivity (HR) Silicon products


Using the Floating Zone growth, the impurity of intrinsic silicon material is decreased extremely low level.
PHLUXi deals with the super grade high-resistivity silicon boule > 20 k ohm cm. We are keeping the raw material on the shelf, and provide products rapidly with the collaboration of manufacturing firm in Japan.

Unit price is strongly depends on the shape, dimensions, and quantity. Please ask without hesitation.

Price example:

Plane parallel 3 inch x 3 mm, double-side polished: USD600 for 3 pcs

Plane parallel 1 inch x 0.05 mm, double-side polished: USD278 for 12 pcs


>20k ohm cm (Super grade: now we are dealing with this highest grade standardly)

Available dimensions:
Diameter >100 mm, Length >50 mm

Any shape as requested
Window, lens, right-angle prism, ATR prism, hemisphere, hyper-hemisphere et al.
Thin wafer <0.05 mm is available with a tolerance <0.005 mm.

Standard wafers (2, 3, and 4 inch-dia / 0.28~0.50 mm-thick, polished) are usually in stock.

Tsurupica & HR-silicon flyer


> Terahertz Optics "Tsurupica"


Most of generally used optical transmission material are of no use in the specific THz-region. "Tsurupica" from PAX Inc., a well-known material for THz-region, is highly transparent not only for wide range of THz -wave but also visible light. Moreover "Tsurupica" shows almost same refractive indices in THz and visible. It realizes the precise alignment of THz light path using He-Ne laser as a guide.


Transparent range: ~12THz (shown as right)
Refractive index: 1.53 @1~12THz, 633 nm

Refer the "Tsurupica & HR-silicon" brochure, or PAX wibsite (Japanese only) for more information.

* Tsurupica optics is product of PAX corporation.

> Link to PAX, Inc.

Tsurupica transmission

Transmission spectra of Tsurupica and HDPE

Advantages of Tsurupica optics

A number of non-polar resins are equipped in THz region because of their small attenuation in THz. Smaller absorption of water is also important in humid environment. Some of these have good transparency both for visible and THz waves such as Tsurupica.


Tsurupica only have the smallest modling shrinkage and CTE in these materials. Tsurupica also show good machinability. These characteristics guarantee high precision both for molding optics (for volume product) and machining optics (for custom product).

Comparatively high refractive index realize high NA (large diameter with small focal length) with small abberation which is often required for condenser lens in THz.

Tsurupica is the best transparent resin in THz, especially for the application which requires high precision.

THz polymers

Resin materials for THz transparent optics

> Others

- Transparent material for THz: We can offer materials other than Tusurupica, such as Polyethylene, PTFE, TPX, Diamond
- Optics using above materials (Spherical lens, Aspherics, Prism, Window, Waveplate...)
- Opto-mechanics using THz optic (Prism coupler, ATR module...)
- Schreeren Imaging Instrument

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